Safety Valves

Servicing & Refurbishment

The servicing of Safety Relief valves is carried out by our highly skilled and experienced staff to an excellent standard. 

When we receive your valve, it will be put through a detailed process starting with an initial pre-test to confirm or report the findings. The strip down and inspection of all components is carried out with a full assessment of the components. The key dimensional measurements will then be logged and checked against the relevant manufacture’s maintenance manuals. An update of your service will be given at this point if it is deemed necessary from our inspection.

Lapping and machine repairs will be carried out either through recommendations or a general service ensuring the components are fit for use.

The valve is rebuilt ensuring the correct ring settings are in place before our final test and completion is processed. Your Valve inspection report will be completed, provided and stored on our database to assist in future recommendations to servicing.

Test & Certify

All Safety Relief Valves go through a detailed testing procedure dependant on their model and use.

We carryout testing on our purpose-built test rigs on and off site to all size and types whether it be flanged or screwed. Our testing capabilities offer tests on both liquid and gas to a pressure of 600 Barg. We also offer Online testing where required from conventional in-situ testing to Pilot valve field tests.

VAS test and certify not only overhauled valves but others that only require an appropriate pop test to deem fit for use. 

Each valve test is completed with a detailed test tag and sealed in the correct manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Safety Valve?

The purpose of Safety Valves is to protect life and property against failure to control system pressures. It offers the last means of reducing system pressure before total failure.

How many types of Pressure Safety Valves is there?

There are three different types of Pressure Safety Valves (PSV’s). These are Conventional, Balanced Bellows and Pilot Operated.

What is the difference between a Safety Valve and a Relief Valve?

Relief Valves are designed to control pressure in a system, most often in fluid or compressed air systems. These valves open in proportion to the increase in system pressure. Unlike Relief Valves, Safety Valves open immediately protecting life and property against failure to the control system pressures. 

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Our Services

Control Valves

We offer a complete overhaul, test and calibration service for all your control flow needs.

Isolation Valves

We service Manual, Automated and Check valves to achieve all isolation requirements.

Asset Support

Provided by Outage Project Support, Conditional Walkdowns, Asset Tagging & Valve Spares.