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Getting a visa before traveling is an unavoidable and difficult task to accomplish This is because proper information is not often available. Furthermore out of 200 countries. onLy 45 countries have embassies in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi citizens have to go to a third country like India or Sri Lanka to process visas for those countries, but not anymore! VAS brings you the ease and convenience of processing visas for more than 70 countries which do not have embassies in Bangladesh. You no longer need to go to a third country: instead you can apply directly from Bangladesh through our office. We also have a database of visa information for over 200 Countries in our website for Bangladeshi nationals.



From collecting required and specific visa information about a particular country, going to a third country (India or Sri Lanka) only for visa processing to staying in another country with an uncertainty for an unknown period of time creates an exorbitant challenge for Bangladeshi nationals. Lets hear from the people themselves what kind of challenges they face.

What People Say About VAS

Keeping in mind all the challenges Bangladeshi nationals face while processing visas from a third country, we try our utmost to get rid of all the inconveniences for our clients so that they travel hassle free Our aim is and will always be to provide authentic and updated visa information and organize the documents carefully and efficiently so that they get their desired visas At the end of the day. your satisfaction is worth to all our efforts and hard work.